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Company Profile


R. Expo / Song of India, established in the year 1932, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Natural & Herbal Products - Oils, Perfumes, Soaps, Cosmetics, Incense, Candles, Room Fragrance and other Aroma Products in Delhi, India. With a vision and spirit of enterprise, and sole mission of customer satisfaction, the fourth generation of this family run business has seen a phenomenal growth in the recent past.

The Story


The journey began in the old walled city of Delhi, in the year 1932, when our great grandfather Mr. Jagdamba Prashad Mathur founded a small manufacturing unit, named Mathur Perfumery Works. It was a modest beginning to produce products using natural ingredients like herbs, plants, roots etc. His own personal formulations were liked very much in the local community. He never had any desire to do it on a large scale. He was more a family man than a businessman. He passed his art of making perfumes, massage and body oils, incense and herbal oils to his son, Mr. Durga Prashad Mathur. He just followed the techniques of his father and lived a very simple and non-entrepreneurial life. He was a very polite and generous person. His wife Mrs. Raj Rani Mathur used to assist and help him at the store while he was busy in manufacturing. 

In the nineteen sixties, many foreigners were attracted to India and tourists from different parts of the world started visiting our old store. The array of natural products offered, was highly appreciated that time. It was indeed a turning point with our products finding overwhelming response in the overseas markets, prompting us to extend and expand our business horizon.

R-Expo was then founded in the year 1972 with the vision of continuing the good work of Mathur family. Work orders from world-over started pouring-in. Soon these small orders turned into large ones. To cope with the volume of increasing business, new production units were set up and innovative changes incorporated in all areas of working, be it production, training of artisans or export handling, without compromising on quality.The ever-growing demand of the products prompted us to set-up a full-fledged branch in Seattle, U.S.A, to cater to the vast customer base in North America.

Exports to rest of the world continue to be made from our office in Delhi and Noida. Our father, Late Mr. Ashok Mathur exemplified great leadership qualities to take this family-run business forward. He was a modest and pragmatic person. With his creativity and strong business acumen, R. Expo diversified the portfolio of products, established new brands, and set-up bigger units to increase the manufacturing capacity. Under the able guidance of our mother Mrs. Rajni Mathur, we have now built a strong distribution network of Song of India products in more than 30 countries around the world. She currently heads the export division of the company.

As we celebrate our 80 years of glory, the fourth generation of this Mathur family expresses its gratitude for the continued support and trust in us. 


- Ankit & Sanchit Mathur


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Commitment to Society

All our products are hand made and we feel proud that our business is now supporting more than ten thousand families in India. Our organization has adopted several children from distant villages of India who are very poor and/or lost one or both parents and are financially struggling for education.

In the year 2011, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our charity organization "Song of India". A portion of the sales of our products goes to support over 30 underprivileged boys and girls in the villages of Rajasthan. With your help, we are able to provide these children everything they need to succeed in their education. This includes, but is not limited to their school books, school supplies, school fees, uniforms, shoes, extra tutoring, medical and eye exams. We have promised these children that they will continue to receive help from us as long as they continue their education. We are proud that some students have graduated high school and are continuing on to higher education. One student is studying for his CPA certification while two others are preparing for engineering college entrance exams. These three students have become role models for the younger children to look up to. All "Song of India" children have taken the oath "I will help at least one poor child in his/her education after I become self-dependent". We at R. Expo believe that these boys and girls will maintain the spirit of help forever and pass it on to others. All the organizers involved are volunteers who are helping these children in their native villages. Thank you for your support!




R-Expo is adorning many awards, with the most prestigious one being ‘EUROPA AWARD’ given by the European Institute of Commercial Relations Inc. Madrid Spain in the year 1989. The award is symbolic of QUALITY ACHIEVEMENTS and not Quantity Achievements, hence we cherish it the most.

Mr. Ashok Mathur was awarded with Excellence Award by Institute of Economic Studies for excellence in productivity, quality, innovation and management in 1996. The award was presented by the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Sahib Singh Verma.