Song of India

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  • Aroma Temple

    Smells Just Like Temples in India!

    An essence of divinity, holiness and purity -
    that's what you smell when you light an Aroma Temple.
    This subtle yet distinct fragrance works like a charm
    to soothe your senses and create the perfect
    meditative ambience of a holy Indian temple.


  • Solid Perfume

    Each vial holds an olfactory delight concocted with the most precious and luxurious essential oil and plant extracts. Apply on your pulse points for long-lasting fragrance.

  • #Smell's Good Incense

    This vibrant and youthful incense will leave you enchanted and wanting for more. It is aromatic and sensual, and prepared from the finest quality of ingredients. The pack has a wooden burner on the back.

  • Herbal Soaps

    Feel the magical delight of glycerin bar for gentle cleansing. Song of India herbal bathing soaps combine the aromatic and curative qualities of pure essential oils with aloe vera extracts.


    Try the 10 new fragrances: Midnight, Patchouli Forest, Sandalwood, Celestial, Sunrise, Blessings, Fortune, Jasmine Blossom, Rain Forest and Romance.

  • Chakra Collection

    Balance the seven energy centers to discover spiritual awakening and heal your body, mind and soul.

  • Mosquito Repellent Incense

    Spend peaceful time outdoors the natural way with these citronella incense sticks. It creates a wonderfully pleasant zone for your patio and garden, with a fresh, environmentally-safe scent. Because citronella oil is 100% natural and not an insecticide, insects and mosquitoes do not die and the food chain is not harmed or disrupted.

  • Solid Perfume

    Intricate cloisonne designs are hand painted and encrusted on brass containers using techniques followed for centuries by skilled Indian artisans.

  • Loofah Soap

    Song of India pure glycerine loofah soap exfoliates your skin, improves blood circulation and helps to stimulate new cell growth.


    This luxurious scented candle from Song of India provides a warm, enticing and comforting fragrance for your home.


    Add a few drops of aroma oil to this beautiful elephant burner. The burner is hand crafted with great detail and made from soft soap stone.

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